A Detailed Review of Dragon Kingdom Slots Game

The Dragon Kingdom slots game is a 20 pay line and 5 reel video slots by Playtech. It is a fantasy-adventure game incorporating magic, dragons, otherworldly creatures and warriors.

Dragon Kingdom Betting Options

To play Dragon Kingdom, players have to choose their line bets and then activate the number of pay lines they wish to play. Alternatively, players can also select the ‘Bet Max’ option, which will spin the reels at the maximum pay lines and set coin denomination, simply click on ‘Spin’ and ‘Stop’ to spin the reels and subsequently stop the spin, or enter auto play mode.

Wins are calculated according to a pre-set pay table and winning symbol combinations, which can be accessed via the Info page on the main screen like you find details in political betting Australia. Clicking ‘Info’ will open up a reference screen that explains the game, lists the pay table with all the winning combinations, explains the rules for pay lines and calculating wins, gives information on how to access free games and describes the bonus feature of the game.

The Wild Symbol

In the Dragon Kingdom slots game, the dragon symbol is the wild. It can be used to represent any other symbol to make up the best possible winning combination, except for the scatter and split symbols. Wilds have a separate pay out if two or more are on the active pay line, and will pay out if the win amount from wilds is larger than the win from regular symbols. These pay outs will also be detailed on the pay table.

The Dragon Split Bonus Feature

The Dragon Split feature is the bonus addition to Dragon Kingdom. Once the Dragon Egg symbols lands on the fifth reel, the egg will split and a baby dragon will fly out. This baby dragon will split the last symbol in any of the winning combinations, giving the player a chance to have six of a kind winning combinations, which are all noted on the pay table.

Scatter Symbols and Free Rounds

If three or more scatter symbols appear in the spin results, the payout is multiplied by the total bet and added to the winnings, and this will also activate fifteen free spin rounds.

During the free spin rounds, the scatter symbol will serve as an extra wild symbol and can be used to replace any of the other symbols, except for the actual wild symbol and the split symbol, to make up the best possible winning combination.

If three or more scatter symbols are landed during the free spin rounds, a further fifteen free spins will be granted. This can go on repeatedly, and there is no limit to the number of free spins available.

During the free spins, the reels are spun automatically using the pay lines and line bets of the game that activated the free spins.

Winning Results

Wins of each spin are displayed in the ‘Win’ field, and ‘Free Games Win’ will display the accumulated winnings from the current free spins. After all the free rounds have been played, a result board will summarise the wins made. Clicking ‘Continue’ after the free spins have ended will return the player to the main game, and by clicking anywhere on the screen, the win ticker will stop and the full prize win will be displayed.

7’s And Stripes Online Slot Overview

Powered by Realtime Gaming (RTG) 7’s And Stripes is an entertaining 3 reel online video slot game and has 1 payline.  The payline is the line where they symbols have to land in order for cash/credits to be awarded.  It is simple and easy to play and has a jackpot of 10 000 coins.  7’s And Stripes can either be downloaded or played directly through the browser like punters try cricket betting.

How to Play 7’s And Stripes

The aim of the game is to line up the matching symbols to multiply wins.  Matching the red, white, blue and the 7’s guarantees the maximum payout.

To begin playing players must first select their betting options.  Using the Bet One button is used if players want to bet one coin at a time.  To bet a second coin players must press the Bet One button again.  To bet the maximum which is 3 coins players must use the Play 3 Credits button.  By doing this the reels will spin automatically.  When betting one or two coins players would need to press the Spin Reel button to begin playing.

Players will find information regarding payouts and wins on the pay table.  The Winner Paid button will display a player’s winnings from their last spin and the Credit Window will display how much credit is left to continue playing.  The Coins Field displays the amount of credits that player’s have bet on a certain spin.  The Cash Out button is used when a player would like to cash out their winnings or credits.  The Credit Window displays the amount of credits a player has available to play with.  Players will be able to find assistance on how to play the game by pressing the Help button.

7’s And Stripes Payouts

The following coins sizes can be used to play 7’s And Stripes  $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00 which means that players just need to wager $0.15 in order to win the jackpot.

Each combination will have a win depending on the size of the coin that was bet.  For example, if one coin is bet and a player spins 3 red 7’s they will win 1199 coins.  If a player bets 2 coins and 3 red 7’s appear the player will win 2398 coins.  For a 3 coin bet and a combination of 3 red 7”s players will be rewarded with 5000 coins.  To win the jackpot, players will need to bet 3 coins and will have to make a combination of triple 7’s, red, white and blue, and they will have to be in the same sequence.  7’s And Stripes has a progressive jackpot, which means that it gets bigger and bigger until it is won.

Play 7’s And Stripes for Free

Players are able to play 7’s and Stripes for free at most, if not all of the online casino sites.  Players will find this option helpful, especially if they are new to online gaming or for those who have never played 7’s and Stripes before.  This option allows players to try out the game, before wagering real money.

Playing Aristocrat Pokies Online

Australia-based Aristocrat Technologies has a solid reputation for producing top quality casino games that spans more than half a century. For most of that time, enjoying their games was limited to land-based casinos, but that has changed!

Now, players with desktop or laptop computers, smartphones, or tablets, and an active internet connection can play Aristocrat pokies at their convenience. The company’s hugely popular pokies are available at the best online and mobile casinos for players’ enjoyment.

The games can be played for free or, using secure banking services, with real money for big wins.

A Hallmark of Quality

The inclusion of Aristocrat pokies among the pokies offerings at an online casino is a hallmark of quality. Decades of experience is poured into the development of every one of their games; their incredible popularity among players around the world being testimony to this.

Aristocrat Technologies was founded in 1953, and quickly became an integral part of the Australian gaming industry.

The company has consistently applied creativity, imagination, and focus to its game development. Players will enjoy Aristocrat pokies online as much as their games are enjoyed in land-based casinos, if not more. The company has also worked with gaming industry regulators and government to ensure as many people as possible have access to their top quality games.

The company’s expansion has seen it open offices in countries around the world, such as South Africa and the United Kingdom. It was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1996.

Download and No Download Playing Options

The easiest and quickest way for players to start enjoying the unbeatable action of Aristocrat pokies is to play the no download Flash versions of the game in browser.

As long as players have an active internet connection, these games can be played on desktop and laptop computer.

Top online casinos powered by Aristocrat Technologies also offer free casino software for download and installation on these same machines.

Players with smartphones or tablets such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, or iPad, can enjoy all the action when on the go, thanks to state of the art mobile platforms. These platforms also offer Flash games, as well as apps for download.

Action-Packed Online Pokies

A fact that delights many Australians, even those who aren’t players, is that Aristocrat pokies are among the most popular online casino games in the world.

Decades of experience means the company knows what players want, and they endeavour to deliver excellent graphics and sound effects, as well as fair, accurate results determined by a random number generator programme.

These online real money pokies Australia also player-friendly interfaces and good speed, which makes for smooth playing action.

The range of Aristocrat pokies includes games that offer a classic slot machine experience, video pokies with thrilling bonus games and special features, and progressive pokies that offer massive wins.

Among the titles that have made a good and lasting impression on players are Zorro, Queen of the Nile, Rose Tattoo, Miss Kitty, Dolphin Treasure, Cashman Fever, Winning Wishes, and Mission: Impossible.

Free Slots with Free Spins for Players

Free slots games online are an entertaining and beneficial venture for any player. First appearing on the casino market in the mid 1990’s, online casino games have since evolved over the years to offer discerning players the best modern online experience, and one that is also available as a free option that is friendly to any player’s budget and entertainment needs.

These online free slots games are open to players 24 hours a day, and can be played anywhere across the globe, provided the player in question has a suitable device, such as a laptop, tablet or personal computer, and an internet connection. This makes online slots games an ideal solution for any player that still wishes to take some time out of their busy schedule for relaxation and fun, even during travel, work lunch breaks or vacations – the possibilities are endless when enjoying free slots with free spins online.

Mobile Fun for Smartphone Slots Players

When playing free slots with free spins games, players will in many cases have the option to access top free game content without the need for registrations or software downloads, as many free slots games have been designed to operate seamlessly from most internet browsers. If a player wishes to download a game onto their device, that option is often available to them too.

For those who require access to the best free slots with free spins games from their mobile phones, a wide selection of smartphone apps are available for download that are compatible with most popular smartphone operating systems, allowing for a truly mobile game experience.

Unique Bonus Feature Offers

Many online casinos offer players appealing bonus features such as free spins and in-game bonus rounds when playing their free slots games, each one unique and bigger and better than the next as online casinos compete for players’ attention, and also their future patronage, as free slots games are a perfect medium through which players can decide which games they may be interested in playing for real money in the future.

Free spins bonuses may be awarded to players upon sign-up of a player account, which may be necessary in the cases of certain sites in order to access their premium free slots content, or during the games themselves, keeping players captivated for longer and providing them with hours of quality free entertainment.

These Canadian online casinos strive to offer players the best and newest games from top game software developers including the likes of Microgaming and Playtech to ensure utmost player satisfaction. These superior games employ high-quality 3D animation and graphics, attractive and simple to navigate user interfaces and realistic sound effects in order to give their players the most dynamic and lifelike online casino experience, all at their fingertips and without added expense.

The free slots with free spins games offered by these online casino sites also offer players up to hundreds of different games, each with a unique theme ranging from popular films, celebrities and series to exotic destinations and animals, ensuring a game to tickle every player’s fancy when it comes to the best free slots games online.

Opting for Free Slot Machine

Free slot machine games are incredibly popular, and many players choose to access these for a variety of reasons. Some may not wish to play casino games for the win and actually just enjoy the game, and free games are perfect for this.

Others are new to online casinos and wish to practise on the free slot machine games before heading off to real money games so that they can have a chance to familiarise themselves with the rules and features of the game. And others, again, may be experienced players, but they wish to hone their skills, practise different strategies, and try to beat the odds of the game and so they, too, access free games so as to practise in a space free of risk and potential losses.

How to Access Free Games

Accessing free slot machine games should be fairly simple, and most online casinos will have links to their free pokies or else they can be found by going through a casino portal. Some free casino games require players to at least sign in with an e-mail address or the like for verification purposes, but there is no need to download a game or put down a deposit.

Generally, when accessing a free slot machine game, players just need to click on it, wait for it to load in the browser, and then they are ready to play. They will also generally receive a free credit amount, which they can ‘redeem’ at the free slot machine. This may be anything from a thousand credits to something insane like a million credits. These can be used for playing the game, but the credits will only last for one browser session. If, for any reason, the player should run out of credits, it is necessary to refresh the game or browser site, and then the credits will automatically be replenished.

Picking and Choosing

As mentioned, free slot machine games are great as they allow mobile pokies NZ players to try out the game in a risk-free environment. What is more, players can try out various free slot machine games in order to find the one they enjoy the most. This is great for when they eventually do move on to real money slots, as they then already know which games are the best and most fun to play.

Free slot machine games have all the same features as the real money versions. The only difference, of course, is that no real money is involved. Nonetheless, players can access all the same bonuses and special play options and anything else the particular slots game might offer. In this way players get all the joys of the actual slots game, without having to risk any finances.

Ready for Real Money Slots

Once players feel they have spent enough time playing free slot machine games and are comfortable with all the features of the game, as well as having found one they particularly enjoy, it is generally quite easy for them to move on to the real money versions of the respective games. The online casinos will make this as convenient as possible as, ultimately, they want their players to be putting down deposits and playing for the win.

NBA – Professional Basketball At Its Best

The National Basketball Association is the top-ranked men’s professional basketball league in the United States of America.  The NBA makes provision for five major playing positions:  shooting guard, point guard, small forward, power forward and center.

It is no easy feat to be selected for the NBA, and the annual selection event is the NBA draft, during which 30 teams will put forward a players who are keen to join the NBA.  Continue reading NBA – Professional Basketball At Its Best